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Why Use SSL Certificate for Your Business?

Friday September 20, 2019

The Internet gives every size of business whether big or small the potential to grow big on the web. It gives them an opportunity to reach more customers in more places with products and services. For availing these opportunities, the business is required to create a secure web presence. The evolution of the internet has lead to solutions for better protection of a website. The Internet’s evolution has also lead to increased activities by cybercriminals. These people use sophisticated technologies and advanced algorithms for exploiting loopholes and confidential data from online stores. Currently, a primary concern for electronic technologies is privacy and security. High-security components that impact a consumer’s transaction with businesses is the need of the hour. For this purpose, online storefronts need a reliable infrastructure and profound framework. Organizations like Google have been working towards making the web a safer place.

In July 2018, Google began rolling out Chrome 68. Websites not having a Secure Socket Layer certificate are marked as Not Secure. This is a part of enhancing the security of the global web.

Thus, The purpose of this article is to elucidate as to why should a business use Secure Socket Layer certificates. Before setting this in motion, let us first understand as to what is a Secure Socket Layer certificate.

WHAT IS Secure Socket Layer CERTIFICATE?

Secure Socket Layer (Secure Socket Layer) is the public key infrastructure. This uses the RSA method of encryption and authentication via security certificates. This helps to stabilize a secure connection between the server and the client through a secured HTTPS protocol. It comprises of a key pair called a private key for encryption and public key for decryption. The Certifying Authority issues certificates that are shared with a specific domain and server. Data exchange takes place after certificate verification. This data passes through a secured socket layer connection privately and securely.

HOW DOES THE Secure Socket Layer MODEL WORK?

Firstly the client makes a requisition to the server identification from the webserver. The server then sends the Secure Socket Layer certificate issued by the Certifying Authority to the client. After receiving the certified copy from the client, the client sends an acknowledgment. The resulting message is sent back to the server after verification of the received certificate. The digital signature is sent back to the client after receiving verification acknowledgment. Lastly, there is a transfer of encrypted information between the client and the server.


Secure Socket Layer is a simple and secure channel for transmitting data securely. This certificate is valuable for the customers and businesses who want security for their cloud-based transactions. It is one of the essential elements for ensuring the privacy and security of the E-commerce customer engaged with the customers. The following are the benefits of Secure Socket Layer certificates for business:


A secured website having a URL that starts with a secured HTTPS protocol helps in ranking advantage in search engines. Use of Secure Socket Layer certificate rectifies the perception that users have of the brand. A HTTP certificate gives assurance to the customers that the site is trusted and valid. A trusted website gives them the confidence to engage more effectively as they are less worried about security issues.


None would have the courage to share their credit card details with a simple HTTP website. Thus, a Secure Socket Layer certificate is mandatory for a business to meet the PCI security standards set forth by the payment card industries. No business site can imagine having a single successful credit card transaction without this certificate. Implementation of Secure Socket Layer certificates helps to gain visitor’s trust and to ensure a secured shopping experience.


Another benefit of having a Secure Socket Layer certificate installed is the SEO improvement in rankings that your site will get. In line with their HTTPS everywhere initiative, Google gives websites with encrypted connections a slight rankings boost. Although the boost may not be substantial, having a Secure Socket Layer will give you an advantage over your competitors who don’t have certificates yet.


Everyone not only intends to make online payments but also to collect information from websites. This information could either be lead for potential home buyers or questionnaires about the client’s employment history. The clients would not want exposure to the most basic information collected by the business. Thus a Secure Socket Layer certificate plays a crucial role in safeguarding information. Deprivation of Secure Socket Layer certificate implies interception of a mail.


A phishing site is an exact replica of an original, authentic site. These sites have the techniques to lure the customer into providing his sensitive information. Secure Socket Layer certificate identifies what humans cannot. It thereby ensures that the fake websites never see the light of day. Fake sites cannot acquire Secure Socket Layer certificates. This saves the customers from being prey to these sites. Secure Socket Layer certificate shields the website from eavesdropping, the man in the middle attack, and sniffing attacks.


Exchanging sensitive information such as bank passwords and personal details has resulted in the implementation of a secure authentication mechanism. This has lead to the emergence of Secure Socket Layer certificates that increase the trust of the provided service. It also helps to verify the customer’s identification. Using of Secure Socket Layer certificate displays the website with a security padlock in the address bar of the browser. It indicates a secure connection and gives an impression of seriousness towards privacy to the website visitors.


Thus a business should take full advantage of the HTTPS revolution. Activation of Secure Socket Layer certificates provides incredible benefits. Make your installation quick and easy with Digital Upward.

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