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How Has Technology Improved Marketing

Friday September 20, 2019

The introduction of technology has given rise to a tech-driven world which has pierced in every part of our life. From controlling home appliances through an app to voice commanding a speaker for playing favorite music, technology is omnipresent. Some years ago, the world of marketing was a very different place. Creeping of technology in marketing in the form of big data, artificial intelligence, GDPR, and agile workflows bought changes in marketing laddered up for creating a better customer experience. Thus in order to keep up the constant changes and for creating a better customer experience, the marketers need to stay on top with the latest technology-aided marketing strategies.

A marketer may feel this complicated if he/she is unaware of the role technology now plays in improving marketing. Not aware of the same? Don’t worry!

The article below discusses the role technology has played in improving marketing.

Voice Search

Voice search based on artificial intelligence plays a major role in our day to day behaviors as this allows the customers to multitask. It gives liberty to people to speak for getting their things done instead of typing. Thus by being faster and accurate voice search improves user experience and provides accurate results. A business’s website could be the first one suggested by a personal assistant if it is properly developed and has optimized content. This makes having a perfectly developed and optimized website crucial for a business. We at Digital Upward, a website development company in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon, offer user-friendly website designing services and website redesigning services.

Content is Everything

In this modern era, a business requires quality content to entice, inspire, provoke thoughts, excite, or appeal to the audience. This is crucial for the purpose of building that trust and give the audience something to talk about businesses. This results in the customers passing recommendations and links around the process and also brings people to the business’s site.

Prevalence of Chatbots

Chatbots which use AI-based technology uses instant messaging to chat day or night in real-time with the customers and site visitors. These virtual assistants focus more on important work as they offer outstanding customer service and meets customer’s expectations. They make it easy for a business to manage and improve customer service efforts and also help to appeal to communicate through means which don’t involve the use of the phone. We at Digital Upward-best website designing company in Delhi, provide affordable website designing and development services integrated with chatbot facilities.

Leveraging Social Media For Increased Sales Volume

Social media helps the business by providing a modern approach to reach consumers and their friends. Connecting with the target audience becomes easy. A business’s social media profile helps to get inbound traffic to its website. This makes social media marketing an amazing strategy to complement its search engine optimization efforts. At Digital Upward we help in reaching our customers through digital platforms and increase your sales revenue.


The emerging technologies, methods, and patterns are shaping marketing and the tools that help us to understand the digital landscape. This internet marketing world results in things being in perpetual motion and makes marketers stay ahead of their competitors.

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