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Give your business a bigger opportunity with e-commerce seller portal

Let’s get started!! How encouraging this phrase is for any idea to succeed. The e-commerce seller portal provides the same encouraging thought to anyone who has a product to sell. Lots of traditional businesses are stepping into online sales as it is quite lucrative. Sitting at any part of the world one can make a […]

E-Commerce – A Potential Game Changer

IntroductionFrom being in relative obscurity to a potential game changer, the online retail has captured a larger share of market space in a matter of just a few years. The report of the Indian and Mobile Association of India has revealed that Indian’s E-commerce market is growing at an average rate of 70% annually and […]

Top reasons for having a website for your business.

The first impression is the last impression is a saying which is applicable in all the aspects and is also applicable in businesses. Small businesses often feel that first impression can be made by giving attractive advertisements in newspapers but this is where their business strategy goes wrong. Having a particular website is the best […]

Google Adsense vs. Affiliate Marketing, which is better?

Most of the bloggers start to write the blog because they want to earn money but fail while there are some who make millions of dollars every year. The reason for this disparity is the lack of knowledge of using the kind of monetization strategy for their blog. There is a million number of ways […]

Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing – Which is better

The most essential aspect of any kind of business is marketing which cannot be ignored. However, most of the small business struggle while choosing the right type of marketing strategy since their budget allows them to only stretch to one or the other but not both. An entrepreneur is however required to answer a lot […]

Limitations of creating a website on wordpress

In the digital space, there is a competition for providing free websites and one competitor amongst them is WordPress which is a great content management system (CMS) which tops at 26.7% of websites using the platform that allows creating something that looks good and works well. For WordPress, one can hire any of the WordPress […]

Digital Marketing – A means to promote business

Promotion is the first and the foremost requirement for the growth of any business since it involves communicating the existence of one’s business to the maximum number of people and convincing them to buy the products and services. However, in the new millennium, the most powerful medium for business promotion is the internet since billions […]

Tips for creating SEO Friendly content for website

Having a website is a crucial and an integral aspect of a business’s success. A business’s website is on the main page then a business gets more clicks, shared, likes and engagement. To keep a business’s online breachers filled it is crucial to have search engine optimization optimized website content. A search engine optimization friendly […]

Digital Marketing tips for Small Business

In order to start the business with a bang and to drive more traffic, most of the new business owners try to put too many eggs in a basket by : Creating an account on 10 new social media platforms which they haven’t used in past Running a pay per click campaigns Blogging on the […]

Fight between SEO and SEM which is better

A business’s success depends upon its budget as well as its marketing tactics such as search engine optimization and search engine marketing. This is because marketing tactics help the business to drive traffic. Both of these marketing tactics are two sides of the same coin. They compliment brilliantly to each other. However, they, consist of […]

Is artificial intelligence really impacting digital marketing

As little as 10 years ago chatbots, Alexa, androids were just figments of our imagination. However, in 2018 these are no longer figments but reality. Now watches can track calories and Artificial Intelligence can predict customer’s move. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence which is shown by machines. One of the primary application of artificial intelligence […]

Why use SSL certificate for your business?

The Internet gives every size of business whether big or small the potential to grow big on the web. It gives them an opportunity to reach more customers in more places with the products and services. For availing these opportunities, the business is required to create a secure web presence. Evolution of the internet has […]

How has technology improved marketing

The introduction of technology has given rise to a tech-driven world which has pierced in every part of our life. From controlling home appliances through an app to voice commanding a speaker for playing favorite music, technology is omnipresent. Some years ago, the world of marketing was a very different place. Creeping of technology in […]

Why Do You Need To Have A Website For Your Business

In this digital world, a website is a prerequisite for every business, big or small. An absence of an online presence results in losing a great opportunity.  These days having a small business website is not just about selling goods and services. It’s about providing something valuable to potential customers. An online presence through website […]

How To Optimize Your Website Using SEO?

A search engine is the biggest placard for any business brand. According to a study, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and nearly 75% of searchers start their searches on Google. Furthermore, the first five results on Google get 67% clicks. A blog post, article or product is not equivalent to ranking […]

Why Should You love php?

The increase in the use of the internet for every purpose right from leisure to business has resulted in a number of websites getting developed each day. Hiring a best website designing company in Delhi for getting a dynamic website developed to show its online presence is crucial for a trade to sustain in this […]

Benefits Of Facebook Marketing To Business

The user’s intent while surfing on Facebook is to browse the content of the people they follow and not to research or purchase anything. Facebook’s commitment to continued innovation has made this social networking site the top social media marketing platform over the past few years. Facebook Ads are being used by businesses to bring […]

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