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Is Artificial Intelligence Really Impacting Digital Marketing?

Friday September 20, 2019

As little as 10 years ago chatbots, Alexa, androids were just figments of our imagination. However, in 2018 these are no longer figments but reality. Now watches can track calories and Artificial Intelligence can predict customer’s move. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence which is shown by machines. One of the primary applications of artificial intelligence in digital marketing. This has made immense news in distinct fields with its demands.

The purpose of this article is to clarify whether artificial intelligence is really impacting digital marketing or not. For this purpose, we would firstly interpret the relationship between artificial intelligence and digital marketing. Further, we would discuss its impact on digital marketing.

But before proceeding further let us first understand as to what does artificial intelligence means.

What is artificial intelligence?

AI (artificial intelligence) refers to the stimulation of human intelligence processes by machines. The processes include learning, reasoning, and self-correction. Its particular applications include expert systems, speech recognition, and machine vision. These can be categorized into weak artificial intelligence and strong artificial intelligence. It has generalized human cognitive abilities.

Relationship between artificial intelligence and digital marketing

Several marketers in the past were hesitant to incorporate their strategies with artificial intelligence. However, this year has witnessed considerable confidence amongst marketers with regard to artificial intelligence. Nowadays, artificial intelligence and digital marketing go hand in hand. Along with artificial intelligence, several other additional processes like the Internet of Things, big data, and Machine Learning have contributed towards unleashing artificial intelligence’s potential. Artificial Intelligence in the field of digital marketing has enabled predictive analytics, better customer experiences, and targeted marketing. It also helps the customer to have a better experience and gives the business the insight which it needs for success.

Impact of artificial intelligence on digital marketing

Machines operated through artificial intelligence are pretty flawless. They can easily predict the behavior as well as the buyer’s decision and also use data that helps to solve issues in the future. The following is its impact on digital marketing :

Enables targeted marketing

Pre artificial intelligence strategy was built on IP address-based assumptions. Whereas this strategy is miles ahead for predicting the customer’s needs. Advertising today is based on intuition which is backed by intelligence. Marketers leverage this cutting-edge technology for collecting and analyzing the huge amount of customer data. With the help of this, they come up with a set of predictive strategies. The predictive strategies are employed at every step of a marketing campaign to create smart ads tailored to search queries.

Increased User Experience

As per a survey conducted in 2018 on personalization in real-time has revealed that 33% of the marketer’s used artificial intelligence to provide personalized web experience. Whereas 63% of the marketers responded that artificial intelligence has increased conversion rates and have improved consumer’s experience. Application of artificial intelligence in digital marketing has made the prediction of the buyer, search cycles, buyer persona much easier. It has also helped to ease customer service. The provision of chatbots have helped to handle issues at a faster rate and has added a touch of personalization.

Better Return on Investment

Artificial Intelligence makes the payment process much faster with its feature of high-level recognition. It also solves the security concerns that are involved in online transactions. As per the audience interest, artificial intelligence provides a better algorithm of decision making that brings a great return on investment. Machine learning collects sufficient data from user behaviors and also adds up to its inventory with better database design. By applying artificial intelligence, machine learning has made it easier for marketers to identify commonalities and behavior trends. The intersection of artificial intelligence and marketing has enabled multi-layered strategies that automatically produce messages that are user-customized.

Easier Search Sessions

Artificial intelligence infused digital marketing have made search engines and search processes smarter, hassle-free and risk-free. It effectively tracks search queries, online behavior, purchase patterns, navigation processes, web-behavior. It also predicts keywords and enables Latent Semantic Indexing which helps in generating keyword. These are semantically related to the main keyword and helps to make research more relevant.

Sales Forecast

Artificial intelligence helps to predict the future trends of the market which keeps on changing. With help of this, digital marketing trends are implemented to save great deal of inconvenience.

Reaching the Right Target Audience

Digital marketing based on artificial intelligence helps to reach out to the target customers easily. It finds people depending upon their focus, demography, interest and other aspects.

Better Advertising

Artificial intelligence collects and analyses user data. It also predicts their behavior and helps to create posters of the brand as per the audience’s preferences.

Content Curation

Artificial Intelligence helps to connect with visitors on certain websites and show them more relevant content. This not only helps to generate content but also helps to curate it.

Email Marketing

Artificial intelligence helps to personalize email marketing campaigns based on preferences and user behavior. This helps to better connect with the customers and turn them into clients. Machine learning or automatic learning analyzes millions of customer data. It further determines the best time and days of the week to contact the user, recommend frequency, the content which catches customer’s attention and email subjects and titles which generate more clicks.

Digital Advertising

Artificial intelligence has adopted digital advertising which is the most successful area of digital marketing. Facebook and Google Ad platforms use machine learning and artificial intelligence for finding people more prone to making the advertiser’s desired action. For achieving this they analyze user’s information such as their interest, demographics, other learning aspects.


Artificial Intelligence is applied in digital marketing to unleash its truly strategic and creative potential. It is an active technology on the rise which has the capability of creating wonders in a vast number of fields. In digital marketing, this strategy has not only made things easier but has also made things easier for brands to solve customer issues. However, the professionals are required to adapt themselves and get on board with artificial intelligence. Artificial Intelligence is a transforming digital strategy since it has the ability to collect data, analyze it, apply it and learn from it. Its advancement would lead to improved digital marketing strategies and valuable customer insights for companies.

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