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Shopify or WordPress – Which one is better?

Friday September 3, 2021

A Detailed Definition

Shopify and WordPress are the two most common platforms used by the e-commerce industry to run their business online. Though they both offer similar functionality yet, they are quite different from each other in numerous ways. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of both platforms. It will help you take an ideal decision for your business.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system majorly used for blogging purposes. It is written in PHP paired with MySQL or MariaDB. The features in WordPress function with various plugins and extensions. You can get all basic plugins for free and a good number of themes are also available for free in WordPress. whereas, Shopify is majorly an eCommerce platform and, unlike WordPress, it is a paid tool. Users can simply sign up for Shopify and quickly set up an account. It is an all-in-one tool where a developer can build a fully functional eCommerce store from scratch. It offers a wide range of paid templates from which you can choose the best that suits your business needs and customize as per your choice.

Pros and Cons associated with Shopify and WordPress

WordPress is cost-effective as you can build a completely customized eCommerce website with WordPress Woocommerce for free, you only need a domain and server to host your website on the web. So, WordPress is very feasible for small and medium-sized businesses whereas Shopify is not very cost-effective. Though Shopify provides its hosting, you will have to pay monthly charges for it. The charges don’t end here, Shopify will levy a fee on any prepaid order received on your website. So, it becomes little for small or mid-sized businesses to sustain.

WordPress doesn’t offer analytics on the backend where you can monitor your live visitors, record your audience, run marketing campaigns or measure any quantitative data. Whereas, Shopify’s analytics and reports give you complete control over your audience behavior on your site. With which you can analyze and make business effective decisions. You can also create your Shopify audience and run campaigns on social media platforms for more conversions.

WordPress implementation requires a user to go through multiple setups like buying a domain, hosting services, SSL, design implementation, configuration setup, etc whereas, Shopify, users will have a quick setup process. Based on the requirements, some coding or designing skills are required but in Shopify, you need absolutely no coding experience.

Our Opinion-Leading Website Designing and Development Company

The choices may vary depending on the business size and clients usability but If the choice is between Shopify and WordPress and budget is not much of a constraint, our technical experts at Digital Upward would always recommend Shopify over WordPress for an eCommerce business as WordPress will get slow gradually with multiple plugins and it will not offer a good user experience to buyers which any e-commerce company doesn’t want. We also offer website designing and Website development services in PHP and Laravel that are most favored by most of the clients. It gives us complete control over customization as per the requirement and leaves a lot of scope for future developments and expansions.

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