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Limitations of Creating a website on WordPress

Friday September 20, 2019

In the digital space, there is a competition of providing free websites and one competitor is WordPress which is a great content management system (CMS) which tops at 26.7% of websites using the platform that allows creating something that looks good and works well. To work o this platform you can hire any WordPress website development companies or developers that specialize in WordPress jobs to do your work but this platform is not infallible and there are a few disadvantages of using this platform.

WordPress considered the most popular content management system?

WordPress is considered as an open-source of the content management system as a result of which about 26% of websites in the world are said to be powered by WordPress. Despite it being open-source, a private company cannot on their own delete the content regardless of the reason and this makes WordPress the most popular content management system.

You might be thinking as to how making a website on WordPress can act as a stumbling block despite WordPress being the most popular content management system. One should remember that there are two sides to a coin and everything comes with its advantages as well as its disadvantages. However, the article below would in detail explain as to why building a website on WordPress is not feasible.

Disadvantages/limitations of making a website on WordPress

The following are the disadvantages or limitations of making a website on WordPress :

Vulnerable to hackers

WordPress being an open-source platform relies heavily on plugins and themes for customization. Furthermore, it is prone to hacking by hackers since it is the most popular content management system. According to a report by security, WordPress is the most hacked CMS platform worldwide. Thus the biggest disadvantage of WordPress unquestionably is its security.

Not cost-effective

The reliability of WordPress on plugins and themes for customization makes it expensive despite it being free. Furthermore, daily constant updates can become quite expensive to keep the website up to date. If a person is a WordPress designer or has the knowledge then, he/she can make a lot of adjustments himself but most people need to use a plugin or a well-developed theme. Furthermore, one’s web site’s experience might get hindered since the access to free features is limited to a point and beyond it, one would be required to shell out on subscription plans else the purpose of the website might be lost.

Needs frequent updates

You need to update more frequently your plugins so that your WordPress works smoothly.

Seo related issues

Making a website on WordPress can be a problem for those who have less SEO experience and knowledge.

Incapability to handle large databases

It isn’t capable of handling large databases since WooCommerce slows down when the scale of operations increases.

Cannot upload Themes

Only those themes which are available to that are free otherwise one-time fee is applicable.


WordPress although helps to create great websites but it comes with its limitations too. Before anything, they should look at all possible needs, evaluate everything before taking any step.

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