Digital Marketing V/S Traditional Marketing – Which is better

The most essential aspect of any kind of business is marketing which cannot be ignored. However, most of the small business struggle while choosing the right type of marketing strategy since their budget allows them to only stretch to one or the other but not both. An entrepreneur is however required to answer a lot of questions such as which method of marketing would give him the most bang for his buck, how would he know if his marketing is working or who should he trust with for his marketing. The decision of choosing the kind of strategy, digital marketing over traditional marketing or traditional marketing over digital marketing is not easy because we live in a generation where a huge part of the population does transactions only online while another chunk still does not know how to use the internet.

Thus, the article below would help an entrepreneur to make a wise decision between digital marketing and traditional marketing since it states a comparison between the two.

But before proceeding with the comparison, let us first understand the two terminologies.


A conventional mode of marketing that has been used since the beginning of marketing and advertisements and includes tangible items such as business cards, print ads in the newspapers or magazine. It also includes posters, commercials on TV and radio, billboards and brochures. It is anything excluding the digital means of promoting one’s brand, product, and services.


On the other hand, digital marketing is a form of inbound marketing in which the businesses put content or ads out for individuals. One of the advantages of digital marketing is that the people become more familiar with the brand and develop a trust and a rapport with the business through its online presence. Some of the modes of this type of marketing are building a website, blogging, social media platforms, retargeting ads, search engine optimization.

Since you now have got to know the meaning of the two terminologies, comparison between the two as to which one is better would be more easy to understand.


A comparison based on the following parameters would help us to understand as to which one is better :


Traditional marketing being static leaves no way to interact with the audience and its outreach is only restricted to the limited local audience. On the other hand, digital marketing’s outreach is not restricted to the limited audience since it enables the business to throw more information in front of people. Also, one can tailor its digital campaign to reach the local audience and at the same time can also be used on the web to reach the entire globe when appropriate.


Digital marketing helps a business to increase its brand awareness and to create a consistent image of the company since it allows one to engage the audience in real time by enabling the business to chat and discuss the brand or company with the actual audience immediately. Online marketing being an interactive means helps to get valuable consumer feedback. However, on the other hand, traditional marketing through advertisement aired on the radio or newspaper posts does not enable the business to interact with the audience.


Digital marketing enables the business to see everything in real time including :

  • Number of visitors
  • Most active time of the day
  • Conversion rates
  • Bounce rates

With the help of google analytics and the insight tools offered by most of the social media channels. Thus when one has the results in real time, one does not waste any time in taking action.

Whereas on the other hand, traditional marketing does not offer real-time results and the businesses have to wait for weeks or months before the boosts start to turn up.


Different people have different preferences. While some people like to read a blog post, others would like to watch a YouTube video. Most of the people hate to receive sales flyers in their mailbox or phone calls at inconvenient times on stuff that they have little interest in. Online marketing offers the audience with the choice of time and media in which a person always has an option to skip the online ads if he/she is not interested and they also get an opportunity to opt in or out of communications. However, under traditional marketing, the audience does not get an opportunity to choose.


Modes of traditional marketing such as newspaper ads, television ads cost a lot. Whereas on the other hand, the cost incurred on online advertising is something which even a young entrepreneur can afford from the saved up money.


The ability of online advertisements to get online statistics via google analytics enables the business to catch up the analytics in real time and make necessary adjustments. Thus this gives the business a chance to know how things are going down and to improve them from bad to good and good to better. However, a host of negative feedback in traditional marketing does not give time for the business to readjust its strategy because a business might have already gone down the drain by the time it receives them.


Under digital marketing, the business has a whole website instead of a column in a newspaper page in which it can put forward things to people whenever one wants once it owns a blog or a page in the social media. This space allows the business to create a consistent image for the company. On the other side, traditional marketing is only limited to an advertisement aired on the radio or posted in the newspaper which gives the business limited space that does not help to increase brand awareness.


Transitioning of the world into the digital environment has made imperative for the business to have a website and to use the web as a means to interact with the consumer base. In order to keep up in today’s world, it is important for the business to take advantage of digital marketing. However, a business in order to perform best should adopt a multi-channel approach rather than an all or nothing approach in order to leverage the unique benefits of paper with the convenience and accessibility of the digital world.

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