Google Adsense vs. Affiliate Marketing, which is better?

Most of the bloggers start to write the blog because they want to earn money but fail while there are some who make millions of dollars every year. The reason for this disparity is the lack of knowledge of using the kind of monetization strategy for their blog.

There is a million number of ways to earn money online but the two major sources are

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Google Adsense

You might be wondering as to what does these two terms mean . Firstly, lets understand as to what does affiliate marketing means. It refers to an online sales tactic that enables the product owner to increase sales by allowing the affiliates – others to target the same audience on which they earn commission by recommending the product to others. It has dual advantages since it results in sale of the owner and also makes it possible for the affiliates to earn money on product sales without creating products of their own. On the other hand, Google Adsense is a program that enables the enterprises to display google advertisements on their website and gives them an opportunity to earn revenue from the hits which generate traffic for the Google search engines. It delivers the targeted advertisements to the participant websites and also helps in representing business worldwide of all sizes in multiple languages. Its algorithm have been designed to interpret the context in such a way that it discards the irrelevant product and keeps only those that most likely produce revenue.

Since you now know about the two lucrative ways to mint money, you would be confused as to which mode should one pick.

Do not worry, the article below would help to resolve this confusion


1. Easy network approval :- One can be its own boss since getting an approval into an affiliate network is easier. It is managed by many large and small affiliate companies as compared to AdSense account which is managed by Google alone. Also, violation of the rules set by Google results in blocking of AdSense Account.

2. Payment Related Advantages :- Affiliate marketing pays more than AdSense since most of the affiliate companies offer PayPal as a payment method whereas AdSense does not. Furthermore, one can make money even while sleeping in affiliate marketing since it only requires picking the right products to promote in order to drive the targeted visitors. This is because one has no control over Adsense ads whereas Affiliate ads can be made attractive.

3. Lets You Promote Relevant Products :- Affiliate marketing allows promoting those products which suit the audience in all the niches and one can increase the clicks by promoting relevant products to the blog audience. Google AdSense, on the other hand, does not let one pick ads for the target audience hence limiting the scope of promotion to certain niches only.

4. Readership Impact :- Affiliate marketing also helps to keep the visitors stay on the blog whereas AdSense kills the readership.

5. Abolishes The Need For Huge Traffic :- Affiliate marketing is a win-win approach since choosing products carefully helps in earning huge commission and adding value to the audience by recommending them the right products. Also, one can make a decent income even if a thousand visitors see the site hence abolishing the requirement of huge traffic on the site and is also not required to take care of the traffic. Whereas most of the people don’t make enough AdSense earnings since they either do not get enough traffic from Google or they try to get random visitors by using vague words while creating content.

Thus, clearly affiliate marketing seems more attractive and wins the race but before proceeding with the same, one would be required to set up the right products, build the right audience and promote it accordingly for increasing the affiliate sales.

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