Tips for creating SEO Friendly content for website

Having a website is a crucial and an integral aspect of a business’s success. A business’s website is on the main page then a business gets more clicks, shared, likes and engagement. To keep a business’s online breachers filled it is crucial to have search engine optimization optimized website content.

A search engine optimization friendly content affects the website’s placement on search engines and helps to boost efforts of reaching a target audience. Search engine optimization acts as an intermediary between pages and search engine. This is because a majority of search engine users click on the top 5 suggest in the results page as they trust the engines that have the presence in the top positions. A business website should acquire one of the top positions to take advantage repeatedly.

Before we proceed further, let us understand as to what does SEO ( search engine optimization) mean.

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is not a static process. It refers to a set of rules that can be followed by a website owner to optimize the website for search engine and to improve search engine rankings. It is a process of getting traffic from free, organic, editorial or natural search results on search engine. It aims to optimize in such a manner that the search engine technology understands as to what is the content all about. It increases the quality of the website by making it user-friendly, faster and easier to navigate. search engine optimization is considered as a framework since the entire process has a number of rules, stages and set of controls.

Tips for creating a SEO Friendly content

The article below mentions the tips and tools that would help a business to garnish attention and to show up in search results.

Use keywords in the headlines and in sub headers

A headline is the first thing that pops up during a user research.
Hence inserting a keyword in headlines and subheaders is a good idea. A search engine optimization friendly headline should have 55-60 characters and power words. A search engine optimized headline makes the writing skimmable and user-friendly.

Writing high-quality content

Quality is the most important factor when it comes to content. Writing content which is useful and entertaining is the best way to engage people and also results in the business bagging rewards by the search engine reward sites. A unique, high-quality content means that the content is not a replica of some other website or resource.

Optimization of the article’s length

Articles of minimum 300 words and maximum of 700-800 words having keywords that makeup of 1-2% of the text get priority by Google. Furthermore, readability of the content that deals with the simplicity of the language, lack of grammatical or syntactical errors and sentence structure depends upon the length of the sentence, number of syllables per words and frequency of passive voice.

Insert links

To increase the validity of own website, links to high quality and reputable websites should be used. This leads to higher page rank in the search results. A content must also have internal links to prove the authority of business in a particular field. This creates a logical sequence from one post to the other. An external link indicates that the business is aware of the topics on which it is writing. Every link in the content serves its own purpose since excessive linking leads to opposite results.

Keywords must be chosen wisely

Nowadays, keywords act as a first signal to indicate as to what is the post about. They are also helpful to provide an overview of the topic on which a person is focusing. The writer before writing an article should decide the keywords and the places where they are to be incorporated. A search engine optimization friendly content is a perfect blend of right keywords in the right places.

Image optimisation

People prefer to purchase from a website which has attractive and relevant photos since images make the content of the website interesting and shareable. Thus, the images, as well as their size, should be optimized by adding keywords and providing ALT tags. Optimization provides an opportunity to appear in image search since a prominent visual content is not left out by search engine optimization. Some of the tips that are to be kept in mind while image optimization is:

  • The filename should be kept relevant
  • The user must be careful with the size of the file
  • An ALT text or a title must be added to the image
  • Special attention should be given to image’s quality
  • Generic images should be avoided

Focus on the structure

The structure of the website helps the search engine to decide on the results that displayed first. A clear structure with headings and paragraphs which facilitates reading are preferred from the user perspective as well as from a search perspective. Adding headings at relevant points throughout the text helps the search engine to get a quick overview of the content.

Content must be shareable

The success of the content also depends upon whether it has the capability of being shared or not. A search engine optimized friendly rich content should be shared after writing. It helps to increase the visibility of the new content.

Content must be organised

An organized, logical website content is not only SEO friendly. It helps the visitors on the business website to find other related content easily.

Search engine optimization is an important element to run a big website smoothly. It helps to keep the users and the search engines happy. Websites with more than one author can benefit from search engine optimization in a direct as well as an indirect way. The direct benefit is an increase in the traffic of the search engine. Having a common framework to be used before publishing content on the site is an indirect benefit. None is able to find the best-written articles without a search engine optimization friendly content. Plenty of thought and foresight is required for writing a search engine optimization enhanced content.

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